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Can I install JIRA on VMware?




Virtual Machine (VM) environments have become a common way for system administrators to manage and setup their IT systems. And many JIRA customers are successfully running their instances on VMware already. However, setting up an Enterprise Java application in a virtual environment needs proper configuration and tuning to uphold a high performance. The most important practices on configuring VMware to work with JIRA is summarized here.


Configuration of VMware for JIRA

The most important configuration considerations are:

  • Installation: As you install VMware, make sure you combine the latest versions of JVM and the guest operating system.


  • Sizing: Best way to decide the size, is to perform load and performance testing with scripts that copy your production workload with different VM configurations.


  • Memory: The best way to size your Virtual Machine’s memory is to understand the requirements of your operating system, JAVA application, and their specific memory requirements. Allow enough space for each unit and sum up as shown here.


  • Virtual CPUs: VMware recommends not to overload your vCPU as it might have a significant impact on the performance of your system. The best practice is to start with a lower amount of vCPUs and add as necessary.


  • Timekeeping: VMware recommends to install improved time synchronization features to optimize virtual machine performance and to ensure consistent timestamps throughout the Enterprise environment.


  • Tuning:

           - Vertical scaling: Setup this hot add feature for the virtual machine to enable the addition of memory and vCPUs at runtime without shutting down the virtual machine.

           - Garbage collection: Tuning Garbage collection on a virtual machine is same as that on a physical machine. To manage garbage collection on a VM run JIRA instance,

              it is recommended to align the number of vCPU with GC threads.

           - Jira specific performance tuning (Not specific to VMware): Refer to the guide for more details on JIRA applications performance tuning.







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