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Can I customize field behavior in JIRA Software?




You can specify the field behavior in JIRA Software, but you cannot customize to whom the field shows up to. For example, you can decide whether a field will appear for the entire project or not, but you cannot decide individually to who all will it appear in the entire project. If a field appears for a project, it is displayed to all the users who have access to said project.

Custom fields are always optional fields: This means without changing existing issues you can create a new custom field. Even if you define a default value, the existing issues will contain no value for the new custom field.

How to add custom field to your JIRA Software issue:

  1. Choose  > Issues
  2. Select Fields > Custom Fields.
  3. Select Add Custom Field. Select All to make sure you can see all available field types. 
  4. フィールドを選択し、次へをクリックします。
  5. 以下の [チェックボックス] フィールドの例のように、フィールドの選択項目を設定します:

Note: The Field Name will appear as the custom field's title in both entering and retrieving information on issues. But the Field Description is displayed beneath the data entry field when entering new issues and editing existing issues, but not when browsing issues.

      6. Select Create

      7.Choose which alternatives to display and select Submit to finish adding your new custom field.


Refer documentation or video that walks through the process on 'How to add a custom field to your JIRA Software'.




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