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What are some common integrations of JIRA Software?




The most common integrations with JIRA Software in marketplace are:

  • Confluence: Confluence and JIRA were designed to complement each other, and have a number of integration points built-in. If your Confluence and JIRA sites are connected using Application Links, you can display and create JIRA issues and more from within Confluence. Check out this article for full details on creating JIRA issues from Confluence.

  • Bamboo: Bamboo can pass important development information like build results and deployment statuses back to a JIRA application. This information is collated within the Development Panel. This panel summarizes the status of all work related to an issue and can assist in identifying where an issue's build is failing, and where it has been deployed.

  • Integrating with Flowdock: You can integrate Flowdock with JIRA Cloud and issues from your JIRA projects will be included in your Flowdock flows.If you link a JIRA project to a Flowdock flow, all JIRA comments will appear on FlowDock regardless of the restriction level that is set when creating the comment. Please ensure that you only link JIRA projects to Flowdock flows when it is acceptable for all JIRA comments to be visible. 

  • Integrating with Zephyr: JIRA Cloud comes with the Zephyr Enterprise Connector plugin, and this plugin sends defect metrics to Zephyr Enterprise and Zephyr Community Editions. This plugin is a different plugin from Zephyr for JIRA

  • Integrating with Subversion: JIRA's Subversion integration lets you see Subversion commit information relevant to each issue. Subversion integration can be implemented either by using Atlassian FishEye or the Subversion add-on. The FishEye integration offers greater scalability, insight and flexibility into your source code and related integration with JIRA, however, both solutions allow you to link JIRA to related code changes in Subversion.

And the most popular plugins for JIRA Software are:

  • Create on transition for JIRA – This add-on provides workflow transition post functions that can be configured to create issues or subtasks. It automatically creates new 'context-rich' JIRA issues or subtasks, right from your workflow with no coding required.

  • The Scheduler - The Scheduler enables everyone to quickly set up recurring tasks. It allows you to automate the process and your issues can be created daily, weekly, monthly, or you can create your own interval. You can even manually execute scheduled issue with a single click.

  • Tempo Timesheets for JIRA: Tempo Timesheets is a time-tracking and time-planning add-on for JIRA. You can log time that you worked on different JIRA issues and plan time for future work. Your user timesheet displays the time that you logged. Depending on the permission that you have, you can also view other types of timesheets, where logged time is grouped by, for example, JIRA project, customer account, or JIRA issue.






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