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Can I view my team’s/others tickets in Jira Service Management?





Using Jira Service Management's request participant feature, agents can bring in existing customers to a request. Customers can do this as well if you extend them the permission. Requested participants will be able to get updates and notifications on these tickets.

Jira Service Management is built to allow customers see their own tickets and any tickets they are a participant on. However, you can designate an ‘Umbrella’ customer, who can always be added as a requested participant (either by the agent or the customer). Anyone who has the umbrella account credentials can access these tickets through the customer portal.

Additionally, there is an open feature request to further develop this functionality. Please vote and/or comment on it, and check back there to stay on top of future developments.


Organizations is a feature of Jira Service Management Cloud, where customers can raise requests and share it with other customers in their organization. 

Managing OrganizationsOrganizations are groups of customers that can be used in multiple projects. When you add an organization to a project, its members can raise requests in the project and share them with the organization. They're also notified about the organization's requests and can view and search them on the 'My Requests' page in the portal. Learn more about how customers share requests with organizations.

By default, you need the Service Management Team role for a project to manage organizations in it. However, a Jira admin can restrict organization management to Jira admins by turning off the Organization management setting in  > Applications > Jira Service Management Configuration. 

Organizations are managed from a project's Customers () list. 

Add Organizations

Add organizations to a project via the Customers list (> Add organizations. You can add a new organization, or add an existing organization. The organizations that you add displays on the Customers list. Select the organization to view and manage its members.


You can add customers to an organization from the Customers list, or from an organization. Adding customers to an organization that isn't on the project yet adds the organization to the project.

If the customers are new to the Jira site, they are granted Restricted portal access in  > User Management. Because the organization can be used in multiple projects, the customers are not added to the Customers role for the project. However, they can still raise requests in all projects that use the organization.


  1. Select an organization in the Customers list.
  2. 削除したい顧客を特定し、名前の横にある X をクリックします。 

When you remove customers from an organization, they lose access to projects that use the organization unless they have the Customers role for the projects or have access through another organization.

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