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Can I track SLA based on a due date in Jira Service Management?




As of Jira Service Management Server 3.15, you would be able to create a SLA based on due date

You can also add a Jira gadget to a dashboard that displays a calendar, and issues due on various dates will display on the calendar. 

With the ‘Jira Issues Calendar’ gadget, you can set it to display an issue filter that queries against a Due Date entry. You can make ‘Due Date’ as a customer-facing the choice when they submit the ticket by adding a Date Picker field to the issue. Then capture all issues with a due date to easily see them all in one place, and arrange them by the due date to see latest issues that are about to pass mentioned date.

For example, you could have your calendar display a Jira Query Language filter such as:

"due <= endOfMonth() and status != closed ORDER BY due ASC"

This would show all issues that are due on or before the end of the month, that are not in a closed status and arranged by Due Date. You could alternatively use the filter by itself to display a list of issues arranged by due date.

For more detail on wielding Jira Query Language effectively, view our Jira Cloud documentation on advanced searching.

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