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How can I build reports in Jira Service Management?




Jira Service Management provides powerful real-time reporting so you can see your team's performance metrics, and better understand trends in your workload. You can also create your own custom reports to query any combination of performance data. Your team members have access to a read-only version of the Reports tab so they can also see the data you're tracking. Reports can show the amount and types of requests coming to your team, and how you're resolving them.

Note: To create and edit reports, make sure you're logged in as an administrator.

Jira Service Management comes with stock reports, including:

  • 作成済み vs 解決済み
  • 解決までの時間
  • SLA達成 vs 不履行
  • コンポーネント別の解決状況

You can find details on Reporting on SLAs online as well.

Reporting using JQL:

In addition to our out of the box reports, you can search for issues based on JQL (Jira Query Language) filters and queries based on any field in your requests and export those as CSV or Excel files.

Some great resources on JQL:

You can also find top selling reporting apps compatible with Jira Service Management in our Atlassian Marketplace with this query.

Dynamic reporting with dashboards:

Another alternative is to display information using a dashboard gadget, giving you quick and easy access to real-time information. Dashboards can be configured in many different ways to display accurate, detailed information at a glance, and can be created system-wide or for groups of users. You can also allow your users to create their own dashboards with personalized gadgets:

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