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Can I receive tickets by email in Jira Service Management?


クラウド / サーバー


Yes, if you prefer to receive tickets by email, you can set up an email address to receive requests in your service project. Emailed requests are added to your queues, so your team can focus on customers without worrying about missing requests or multiple inboxes. Each individual service project can have one email inbox associated with it. 

All replies to email issues will be on a single issue thread in the service project view. Replies from the customer should not make new issues, keeping all relevant information consolidated in a single ticket.

For Cloud - If you're using cloud you can potentially use two email addresses. In Cloud, the system gives an email address to each project, and you can also configure an existing email account as well.

Requirements :

  • プロジェクトの管理権限があることを確認します。
  • Enable public signup, or add customers to your service project to ensure that you receive new requests.
  • Set up a suitable request type with Summary and Description as required visible fields. Any other fields must be optional.
  • Know which emails from your mail client will be processed.

Click here to learn more about receiving requests by email. Checkout troubleshooting issues with email channel if you face any hurdles while setting up the email channel.  

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