Jira Service Management: How to ease communication between Collaborators and Customers?

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How to ease communication between Collaborators and Customers? 


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In theory, collaborators cannot leave comments for the customer who raised the Jira Service Management ticket. Collaborators can only leave internal comments on the ticket. However, there are two alternatives in order to enable communication between collaborators and customers: 

  • The first solution would be to get Hipchat and connect it to your Jira Service Management instance. A new widget will appear in your Jira Service Management ticket. You will be able to create a new Hipchat room from the Jira Service Management ticket and this room will be tight to the ticket. New comments will be added to this room when the ticket will be updated. You will need to transform the room into a public room and communicate the link to the customer. Then the customer will be able to join the Hipchat room via a web browser and communicate with your agents and collaborators. Note that with this solution, you will need to copy/paste the chat into the ticket, in order to make the discussion searchable through Jira Service Management.
  • The second solution would be to add your collaborators in "Request participant" to the ticket. In that way they will be able to access the ticket through the customer portal, and add comments on the ticket like a customer. This method can be tricky in terms of workflow, since the system will consider the comment left by the collaborator as left by a customer. Your customer won't receive a notification automatically, your agent will need to change manually the status to send a notification to the customer. 


  • We've explained in details the integration between Jira Service Management and Hipchat Data Center on this blog post
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