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How does Jira Service Management work with Jira Software and Jira Core? 




Jira Service Management and Jira Software are two standalone products both built on the Jira platform that can be installed on the same server or added to the same Cloud site for optimal integration benefits. Our Jira integration page shows the relationship between Jira Service Management and Jira Software and how it allows for both IT and DevOps to collaborate on tickets. Our Jira family page shows the difference between our 3 flavors of Jira.

When it it comes to licensing, both Jira Core and Jira Software are licensed based on total users, while Jira Service Management is licensed based on total agents (users able to edit/work on requests) while customers (users submitting requests) are free. Please note that by default, both a Jira Service Management license and Jira Software license include Jira Core functionality with their license.

  • Steps to add a Jira Software (or Jira Core) user as a collaborator to a Jira Service Management project:
    1. In your project, go to Project settings > Users and roles. 
    2. Select Add users to a role. 
    3. Search for the users you'd like to add, and choose the Service Management Team role. 
    4. Select Add*.

      *Please note, the Service Management Team Role by itself does not grant agent access. To unlock agent features, you'll need to license these users as Jira Service Management agents by enabling Jira Service Management application access for that user in their user profile, or through some group or role that otherwise enables Jira Service Management Application access. See manage application access for our Cloud products, or licensing and application access for our Server products.
  • To utilize full integration benefits, Jira Service Management needs to be installed alongside Jira Software. Since Jira Service Management and Jira Software run on the same interface, you can administer both within the same tool with no additional configuration. To install Jira Service Management, follow the Installation steps and place it on the same server where the Jira Software is installed. Also, refer to Installing additional applications and version updates in our Jira Server documentation. For any questions about the process, please visit our Support site for assistance or to contact our support team.

  • Permissions to comment and browse on Jira Service Management projects can be given to all Jira Software users without any increase in agent costs. Cross-departmental communication is possible without switching tools or relying on any external platform. For example, this integration lets your helpdesk team work directly with Jira Software users via @mentions and comments.

  • Jira Service Management issues can easily be moved into Jira Software projects for development, just as they are moved between Jira Software projects. But when a Jira Service Management ticket is moved to Jira Software, it no longer has any Jira Service Management features. See details on converting a project type within our Jira Server documentation as well as changing a project type within our Jira Cloud documentation.

  • The User can create an issue in Jira Service Management and link it to another issue in Jira Software and vice versa. To create, link and move Jira Service Management issues into Jira Software projects or vice versa, see our blog on creating linked issues.

  • Notifications regarding updates of a linked issue are triggered to customers using Jira Service Management’s out of the box automation, which you can view at automating your service project. You can create a custom automation rule to trigger alerts to customers whenever the linked issue is updated, completed, or if there is any change. See the section on creating a custom automation rule to see what's possible.

Note:  For Jira users not licensed for another Jira application on the same server or Cloud site, browse and comment permissions can be granted on projects. For example, Jira Software users can comment on Jira Service Management issues and Jira Service Management agents can browse and comment on Jira Software issues, without giving the user a paid license for the other product.


1. Refer to our Getting Started with Jira Service Management guide for configuring all of the major aspects of a service project.

2. See Jira Service Management pricing for Cloud and Server.

3. Join one of our weekly Jira Service Management online demos to see what's possible with Jira Service Management.

4. Explore Frequently asked questions on Jira Service Management.

5. Watch a brief demo introducing Jira Service Management 3.

6. To get familiar with Jira Core basics, visit our Getting Started with Jira Core guide or visit the Atlassian University.

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