Jira Service Management: How can I create a change from an incident in Jira Service Management?

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How can I create a change from an incident in Jira Service Management?




With Jira Service Management, you can capture incidents. See more on incident management within our best practices for IT teams using Jira Service Management. To turn them into changes, your agents can easily place issues into Jira Software projects, where your developers live and work.

With Jira Service Management Cloud, a Jira Service Management agent can easily Create a Linked Issue directly from the Jira Service Management issue. They just select a Jira project to place it in, choose an issue type, and more, from a single screen. This lets agents easily put Jira Service Management issues into a pipeline for development work.

This gives the agent an issue to own during development, that they can use for customer communication. Your developers likely aren't in the habit of communicating with your clients/customers, so you'll want to keep an issue with your agent for customer-facing communication.

Also, the developer gets to work in their project that they are familiar with, instead of coming into the Jira Service Management project and using a new workflow in an unfamiliar project.

The two issues are automatically linked, giving the agent quick access to the developer ticket for progress updates. You can also use out of the box automation with Jira Service Management to trigger alerts to the agent when the linked issue is updated, or automatically transition linked Jira issues on the same server or Cloud site. 

And as a bonus, your developer never needs to be an agent, keeping your Jira Service Management costs down. Jira Software users and Jira Core users can act as collaborators on Jira Service Management issues at no added cost. You can grant permissions to them so they can comment, be @mentioned, and internally comment on Jira Service Management requests. For a thorough list on what features are available to licensed Jira users across Jira application on the same Cloud site, see the table on our Discovering Jira applications page.


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