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Can I display an article from my knowledge base on a specific request type? 




Out of the box, articles from the Knowledge Base are accessible by the customer via the portal when typing the search bar. Articles will show up according to the query in the search bar.

To help your customer finding articles, you can use labels. For example, for the request type "Wifi issue", you can display only the articles tagged with the label "wifi". Note that for the customer to see these suggestions, they will need to start typing the summary of the issue. 

However, there is a workaround to display a direct link to a specific article on a request type. This workaround can be time-consuming if you have many request types, but you won't use labels and customers don't have to type a summary. 

  1. Go in any ticket from the agent interface. 
  2. In the knowledge base section, click "Search Knowledge Base"
  3. Search and click the article you'd like to display and then click "Share as comment"
  4. Copy what just appeared in the comment section
  5. Go in Project Settings > Request types and select the request type you need
  6. Paste the link in the Help & Instruction field

When your customers will reach out to your portal, they will be able to click the link on the request type and it will open the specific article.

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