Jira Service Management: Cross Platform and Cloud to Cloud Integration

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Can I integrate products on different platforms?




Integrating products cross platform is possible but is typically not recommended. To get the fullest integration benefits across all Jira and Confluence products, it's best to deploy them on the same platform. However, there are application links that can establish connections between products on different platforms.

But to move issues between Jira Service Management and Jira freely, and gain the full benefits of integration, we recommend matching platforms whenever possible.


When you set up a separate Cloud subscription of Jira Service Management (e.g. servicedesk.atlassian.net) from your Jira Software subscription (e.g. jirasoftware.atlassian.net) you will not be able to integrate these applications out of the box across two separate subscriptions. However, with a 3rd party add-on, Exalate, you can integrate across two separate Cloud subscriptions.

Exalate is an add-on to sync/connect instances of Jira. Using Exalate, you can sync issues across instances, or within the same instance. A common use case is when you're working closely with a client and you both have your own instances of Jira. You can work out of your Jira instance, and sync an issue to an issue in their instance, without having to license anyone else in your Jira. Syncs can be unidirectional or bidirectional, letting one issue update another or letting both issues update each other. Exalate can also connect Jira instances cross platform (Cloud to Server, for example). For Jira Service Management, this is helpful if you want a public Jira Service Management instance in front of your firewall, and a private Jira instance behind it.

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