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How can I share/copy one project configuration to other?


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Often, after creating a Jira Service Management project, you'll want another project that mirrors the same schemes and configurations. When creating a new project, there is an option at the bottom of the screen for Create with shared configuration. The new project will be created with the same schemes as the original project. This option is most useful to not have to recreate similar projects from scratch. Note that components, versions, project role members, project avatar, project description won't be copied during the creation of the template. 

テンプレートから新しいプロジェクトを作成する際、そのプロジェクトは独自の新しいスキーム セットとともに作成されます。そのスキームは、以下のとおりです。

  • 権限スキーム (既定)
  • 通知スキーム (既定)
  • 課題セキュリティ スキーム
  • ワークフロースキーム
  • 課題タイプ スキーム
  • 課題タイプ画面スキーム
  • フィールド設定スキーム (既定)

You can still alter those schemes, which will then affect all projects using that scheme, to make changes to these projects in bulk. You can also edit the individual projects to use different schemes later, without affecting the original project.

To learn more about project creation and shared configuration, you can check our product documentation Defining a project.

Last modified on Mar 8, 2021


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