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How can I connect two separate instances in Jira Service Management?


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It is possible to connect two separate instances in Jira Service Management through federation and we do implement that system here at Atlassian. Our public-facing feature request site is federated with our internal development projects, so we can receive and track requests from our users, but track our internal development work in an internal separate project.

  • You can also synchronize issues across separate Jira instances through Exalate add-on. It provides a flexible synchronization engine such that issues are automatically and securely synced - between multiple Jira's - wherever hosted. It can connect server to server, cloud to cloud, and server to cloud. You can also direct any questions about synchronizing instances to the add-on developer through Atlassian marketplace.
  • You can clone issues from one instance into another and link them.
  • To get the most out of your product integration, it's best to deploy them on the same platform in most cases. But a federated environment is certainly possible and is likely the best solution in certain circumstances.

We also have high-performance Data Center versions of our products that might be interesting to you. It offers active-to-active clustering for immediate rollover in case of a failure, with other benefits. You can find more information on Data Center here. If our products are mission critical for your organization, and downtime is unacceptable and costly, this is an especially attractive option.


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