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What kind of automation comes with Jira Service Management?


クラウド / サーバー


Automation uses simple WHEN/IF/THEN logic to trigger actions based on criteria that you choose. You can read about automating your service project with Jira Service Management Cloud as well as with Jira Service Management Server.

Automation rule templates:

Jira Service Management comes with several automation rule templates, such as Reopen on Customer Comment, At-risk SLA alert, Update Jira linked issues, Triage requests sent by email, and more. You can use these preset rules out of the box, or edit preset automation rules as well.

Custom automation rules:

You can also build a custom rule, opening up loads of possibilities for what you can automate. Edit issue fields, assign to specific agents, build you own email notifications, and much much more.

Differences between Cloud and Server:

Jira Service Management Cloud offers the ability to automate the creation of an issue as well as creating a linked issue in the THEN step of a custom automation rule (see "Create Issue" in the THEN column of creating a custom automation rule). This is also outlined in a blog post on automatically creating linked issues from new requests.

Please note this particular functionality is not yet available with Jira Service Management Server. Feel free to vote on the feature request, Create Linked Issue Automation Rule, in our Jira Service Management Server project of our public issue tracker.

For futher differences between Jira Service Management Server and Jira Service Management Cloud, feel free to reference:

Automation Apps:

We also offer apps in our Atlassian Marketplace that provide functionality beyond what comes out of the box. A few apps include:

Feel free to browse all apps providing automation functionality compatible with Jira Service Management with this filter.

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