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Can we auto-assign tickets to specific agents in Jira Service Management?




Jira Service Management is built as a queue-based system, rather than direct assignment to specific agents. Agents can select from created queues, which are based on JQL (Jira Query Language) queries, based on their current load, scope, expertise, and capacity rather than relying on the system to assign. However, here are few workarounds. 

You can add a field to your issues that asks the customer to select an option, and query against that field in your queue creation. For example, you can add a field for Time Zone, and all issues from a North American time zone can be filtered in one queue, all European time zones can go into another queue, and so on. As long as there is a criterion to query against, you can separate issues into queues based on any issue criteria.

The another alternative is to use the Automation Tool. The new automation features allow rules that update various issue fields, including assignee, based on fields in a Jira issue. Using Jira Query Language you can identify issues and update issue fields such as Component and Assignee to route issues to specific agents.

Any issue that doesn't match specified criteria would simply be created as normal, and move into your queues for agents to pull from. 

You would also have the option to add more robust assignment functionality through an Atlassian Marketplace app, such as:

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