Jira Service Management: Apps for Popular Jira Service Management Use Cases

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What are a few Atlassian Marketplace apps useful for popular Jira Service Management use cases?




All Atlassian products are built to be open to many use cases, and open for development and customization. Our Server products allow for more flexible customization and also have more apps available in our Atlassian Marketplace due to the nature of the platform (see pros and cons of Cloud vs. Server, Restricted functions in Atlassian Cloud, and Restricted Functions in Jira Cloud).

Jira Service Management Cloud apps for CRM functionality:

View all apps compatible with Jira Service Management Cloud related to CRM with this filter.

Jira Service Management Server apps for CRM functionality:

View all apps compatible with Jira Service Management Server related to CRM with this filter.

Jira Service Management Cloud apps for CMDB/asset management:

Jira Service Management Server apps for CMDB/asset management:

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Jira Service Management apps for extended functionality:

  • Automation for Jira: Create more complex automation rules that are not available with out of the box automation in Jira Service Management. Alternatively, Automation Lite for Jira Cloud is a free version of this app with a limited number of monthly rule executions.

  • Tempo Timesheets: This plugin allows to report on work efforts divided by teams, projects, customer accounts. Drills down on estimated versus actual time spent on Jira issues, billable time and more.

  • ScriptRunner for Jira: Automate your out of the box and app reporting by scripting solutions to fit your use case. 

  • Xray - Test Management for Jira and Zephyr for Jira - Test Management: Create test cases within Jira and integrate with automation and continuous integration tools. 

  • Structure for Jira - Projects at Scale: Create additional issue hierarchy and visualize work across teams and projects. 

  • Teams for Jira Service Management: This plugin allows teammates to share and participate in each other’s service project requests, share knowledge and resolve issues in a quick manner.
    Alternatively, you could use Organizations to group customers, which comes out of the box with Jira Service Management. 

  • Email This Issue: It helps you keep in touch with all stakeholders inside and outside your company. Send them issues in an email in various ways or receive emails from them without having to switch context to an email client.

View top selling Jira Service Management apps and top rated Jira Service Management apps in our Atlassian Marketplace. You can enable your free trial of any Marketplace app using the "Try it free" button on the app site. 

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