Jira Service Management: Agents vs. End Users

Jira Service Management 評価用リソース



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Jira Service Management agent’s vs End users


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In Jira Service Management, end users can contact agents through email, or through the customer portal. An end user needs no license for submitting the tickets. End users are considered as customers, and customers are unlimited and free in Jira Service Management. They will have a username and password to access their tickets, but they will not have access to the back-end application.

If you also have a Jira Core or a Jira Software license, your teams can work together closely in Jira Service Management without increasing your agent costs. Jira Core and Jira Software users can be granted Browse and Comment permissions on Jira Service Management projects. They can view, be @mentioned, and add internal comments, without adding to your agent price.

With Jira Service Management, you're only accountable for the number of agents you have in your system. Your customers are unlimited, so are the number of projects you can create.


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