Jira Service Desk: 顧客に通知が送信されません。なぜですか

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Why are JIRA Service Desk customers not getting notifications? / In what instances JIRA Service Desk customers stop receiving notifications?   



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Use-case – 1

When creating the issue, did you use the 'Create' button at the top of the screen? If so, the issue is considered an internal JIRA issue, and not a service desk issue. You can check this by opening the issue and looking on the right, for a section called "Service Desk request". If the Request Type line says ‘None’, then JIRA doesn’t consider this as JIRA Service Desk issue.

You can click the pencil icon and assign a request type manually. But better yet, you can make issues as JIRA Service Desk issues right off the bat, by clicking the Raise a Request option on the project's left sidebar. After selecting the request type, you can choose for whom you are raising the issue, and they should receive notifications as normal.


Use-case -2

JIRA Service Desk notifications may be disabled. You can check that quickly, by following the steps listed here.







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