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How can I prevent spam tickets using JIRA Service Desk?


サーバー (オンプレミス型)


JIRA Service Desk (JSD) can help you handle spam tickets in several ways. Specific to the email channel, JSD will read emails from an inbox, so essentially, you have the flexibility to tackle your spam settings in your email account. See more about managing the email channel here. Make a note that JIRA Service Desk will only read the emails that you want to come through.

JIRA also ships with an email processor designed to filter Out Of Office replies and other automatic emails, preventing an endless loop on your tickets.

If you also use your Customer Portal, there is a CAPTCHA alternative you can enable which should keep spam tickets from getting created.

Additionally, various levels of portal security allow you to more tightly control who can submit tickets to your service desk projects, to begin with. You can limit portals to those who already have an account, or even to a specific list of customers. To learn more about portal security, please give this a read.






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