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How can I manage access to Jira Service Desk portal?


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You have several options for managing customer access to your portals. If a customer is not given access to a portal through one of these means, they won't be able to see it or access it to create tickets.

There are three main types of portal access levels:

  • Customers who have an account on the Jira instance - restricts access to users who have an account elsewhere in your Jira instance (customers, existing Jira users...).
  • Anyone can email the service desk or raise a request in the portal - opens the portal for self sign up, and anyone can potentially access the portal to submit requests.

You can learn more about portal security here

To manage access to your portal, go to Project settings > Customer permissions to choose who can raise requests in your service desk and with whom your customers can share requests.

Lastly, check out the Help Center (a.k.a. 'portal of portals'), which provides a single resource for all the portals a customer has permission to view.

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