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You currently have Jira Software or Jira Core (private) and you want to add Jira Service Desk (public).


If I allow unregistered users to view and submit issues to my JIRA Service Desk, does this mean that they can also create tickets in Jira Software? Is a Jira Service Desk customer able to access my internal Jira Software or Core instance? 

If I enable public to sign up for Jira Service Desk, will it affect my billing for other Jira applications?




When you allow public access to your Service Desk that doesn't give your Jira Service Desk customers access to your Jira Software. You also won't be charged for Jira Service Desk customers who create accounts in your Service Desk by themselves, nor in Jira Service Desk neither in other Jira applications.

JIRA Service Desk uses a combination of global and project settings to determine who can view portals and send requests to service desks. Global settings are how customers access the service desk,  project settings are who can access the service desk.
As a Jira admin, you decide the global settings you want in place. The global settings determine the level of security you want for your portal. There are two (three on Cloud) levels of access for your customers: 

  • Your customers need to be invited by you to access the customer portal
  • Your customers can create their own accounts in the customer portal (public sign up)
  • Your customer can access the customer portal without credentials and without logging in (only for Cloud)

The setting for public signup is specific to Jira Service Desk customers, it's not a site-wide setting that affects all your Jira applications. If you enable it, people can sign themselves up, but only as a Jira Service Desk customer, not as a Jira user, and they are managed in two separate directories.

In Jira Service Desk, you don't get billed per customers who interact with your Customer Portal. You only pay for the agents who work on tickets from your Service Desk interface in Jira. 

To learn more about permissions, you can check our permissions overview and global customer permissions documentation. 

Last modified on Mar 28, 2018


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