Jira Service Desk: 既存の Jira Core または Jira Software プロジェクトを Jira Service Desk プロジェクトに変更する方法について

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How can I change a project type from Business to Software and vice versa?

Moving JIRA Software project to Service Desk

How to move a Jira Core project to a Service Desk project? 




Solution 1: Easy process

Easy process

We do not recommend this process if you already have tickets stored in your project

With this process, your existing Jira issues, won't be properly mapped to the new issue type, and you won't have any default settings (workflows, request types) implemented in the new Jira Service Desk. 

  • Go to Settings (Gear icon at the top right corner)
  • Click Projects, then click the project you want to change
  • Click the gear icon in the left sidebar (Project Settings)
  • Click Details, then choose the project type there.

Solution 2: Manual process

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Manual process

We do recommend this process if you already have tickets stored in your project

In this method, you do not change one project from one type to another, you would migrate your data.

  • Create a new Jira Service Desk project
  • Set it up according to your need
  • Using the issue search feature, search for all issues from your Jira Core/Jira Software project (JQL : project = projectkey)
  • Tools > Bulk edit
  • Select all the issues
  • Choose "Move issues"

In that way, you will be able to map previous fields with new fields.

Note: You need to have Admin rights to change the settings.

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