Jira Service Desk: Jira Service Desk を使用するにあたって Jira Core または Jira Software は必要ですか

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Does Jira Service Desk need Jira Core or Jira Software?


サーバー版 / クラウド版


Prior to Jira Server 7.x and Jira Service Desk 3.0, Jira Service Desk was an app installed alongside a core Jira product. You can find these corresponding versions online, but these are not recommended for download because these versions have reached End of Life. Some versions also have different licensing models (e.g. customers are included as licensed users) compared to Jira Service Desk today, which is licensed based on agents (users able to edit/work on requests) while customers (users submitting requests) are free.

As of Jira Server 7.x and up, Jira Service Desk is now a standalone product with our Jira family able to be purchased, licensed, and installed on its own. If you're installing Jira Service Desk on top of an existing Jira application, please see our Jira Service Desk version history page to see which versions of Jira Service Desk are compatible with corresponding versions of Jira Server.

If you're interested in more details on how Jira Service Desk works with Jira Core or Jira Software, please see How Jira Service Desk works with Jira Core/Software.

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