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In JIRA Service Desk, how can I disable account creation notification? / How can I disable account creation notification in JIRA Service Desk?




JIRA Service Desk is geared toward internal service teams, and external business-to-business support teams and the customer account is an important part of customers managing their tickets.

When a new customer sends you an email, a customer account is automatically created for them. They will also get an email asking them to complete their account creation, to access their issue history.

However, if account creation is not completed, they can still reply to comments, make new issues, and still, access your service teams. An email invitation is received only once and they are not spammed with email each time they create an issue.

Currently, it's not possible to disable the account invitation email.

However, you can create accounts for them ahead of time though and disable the email notification. For this, you will need to set a password for them to make it possible.

Alternatively, you can potentially use the Issue Collector to accept issues from people, though. It is embeddable HTML or Java. But there are a few caveats.

It is not designed for back and forth communication, rather just collecting issues, but you can make some tweaks that make it work this way. For example, adding a field for an email address when a customer uses it, so there is a way for your agents to reach out to them even if they aren't already designated as a customer in your roster.

You will need to manually set the customer as the reporter of the issue. If they don't exist yet as a customer in your system, you will need to add them as a customer before you can do this. And you also need to manually set the issue Request Type, to cause JIRA to treat the issue as a help desk issue, rather than a normal JIRA issue (this is important for triggering email notifications to customers).





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