Jira Service Desk: Customers Organizations vs. Atlassian Cloud Organizations

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What are Organizations within Jira Service Desk? How are these different from verified domain Organizations in Atlassian Cloud?


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Organizations in Jira Service Desk and Organizations in Atlassian Access are not related and are independent. 

Organizations in Jira Service Desk:

Organizations in Jira Service Desk are entities that you can organize your customers into.
You can enable the ability for Jira Service Desk customers who are part of the same Organization to share requests with other members of their Organization.
See more in Jira Service Desk: Grouping Customers into Organizations

Your Jira Service Desk administrator can surface the Organization field onto a Jira Service Desk issue by adding it to a Service Desk screen or use the Organization field in JQL searches or queries to narrow down issues based on Organization field.

Organizations in Atlassian Cloud:

Within Atlassian Access, our Cloud authentication solution, an organization provides a centralized way to manage your domains and users.
See more on creating an Organization and verifying a domain in Organization administration and Domain verification.

Once you create an organization and verify your domains, all the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from those domains become managed by your organization in Atlassian Access for all your Atlassian Cloud products. 
Atlassian Access allows you to enforce security policies (such as password policies) and manage user authentication by providing SAML SSO and two-step verification.

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