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In Jira Service Desk, does a customer need an account to send their tickets through the portal?




With Jira Service Desk Cloud, your customers do not need an account if you configure a login-free portal. While customers would not be required to create accounts, they will need to provide an email for tracking their request. They can still finish creating an account in the portal to track the request, but it's not necessary.

Jira Service Desk Server projects do require a customer account, to gather tickets and attach them to specific users based on their unique email. It also lets customers track their current and past issues in the customer portal. However, customers can submit tickets via email without setting up their customer account as shown in managing access to your service desk.

If you configure the ability for customers to create their own accounts (for example, "Anyone can email the service desk or raise a request in the portal" is selected for who can raise requests in a service desk project), an email request automatically creates an account for the sender. Customers will still get an invite to create their account, but if they do not complete it they can still open issues and run them through to completion. They just won't be able to log in and track their issues through the portal, or access the knowledge bases search, or otherwise take advantage of the tools the portal provides. Customers should only receive this initial invite once.

You can also create accounts for them ahead of time, disable the email notification, and set a password for them. This would allow them to take advantage of the portal, without having to go through the process of setting up their customer account.

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