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How to add customers in bulk in Jira Service Desk? / How to manage accounts in Jira Service Desk?


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Jira Server

You have a few options when managing customers in Jira Service Desk.

If you are deploying Jira Service Desk on premise and have login information in an LDAP or Active Directory, you can set up Jira Service Desk to create users from that directory. But make sure you are mindful of any default groups for your imported users, to avoid accidentally licensing them in the actual product. A Jira Service Desk Customer is essentially a Jira user without any application access.

Jira Cloud

If you have an Atlassian Cloud site, you can use an existing Google Apps directory to manage your user accounts. For step-by-step instructions on the integration, check out Set up Google Apps for your site. You need to manage your customers' access here as well so they are not set up as licensed users.

Alternatively, you can invite customers in bulk, adding multiple emails at once when inviting. You can copy/paste from a .csv, as they should parse into the invite window. Just click "Enter" after you paste, and they all should parse into individual invites as long as they are delineated by a space or a comma (which they should already be if you copy from a .csv).

This invite will send an email to the customers, asking them to complete their username and password creation to access the system.

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