Jira Core: Jira Core の課題でリッチ テキスト形式の HTML を使用する方法について



How can I get Rich Text HTML into JIRA Core issues?


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Currently, the only way to get Rich Text HTML into JIRA Core issues is through add-ons which you can check in Atlassian Marketplace. Here are few popular add-ons:


  • Rick Text Editor for JIRA: Rich Text Editor for JIRA Core allows you to use modern TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for the text fields inside JIRA. There is no more need to memorize the JIRA Core wiki markup.
  • JEditor – Rich Text Editor for JIRA: JEditor is an add-on for JIRA Core that gives Rich Text Editor for text area fields like Description or Comment. JEditor is a painless way to create and edit your JIRA Core issues.


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