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What is the value of HipChat for software development teams already using Confluence and JIRA?


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For a team that's already using Confluence and JIRA, HipChat is a no-brainer.

We would recommend having a look at the following blogs:

Also, see the specific features HipChat brings when integrated with Confluence and JIRA:

With JIRA and HipChat integration, you'll be able to create a HipChat room from JIRA to discuss a specific issue, user story, or collaboratively start resolving a priority bug. You can also see updated Confluence pages so you always have visibility if someone creates and updates project plans and requirements.

You can also connect HipChat to your development/deployment tools (Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitHub, and much more) to get instant status updates on code pulls, merges, and completed or failed builds so your team can react and ship code faster!

HipChat is free to use with the Basic plan and the first 30-days of your evaluation allow you to use the Plus plan free. We have a comparison of features between the Cloud plans and Server offering available here. To keep the Plus features past the 30-day evaluation period, you can keep Plus plan for only $2/user/mo.

Also, do not forget to install HipChat bots and integrations.

The Standup bot is great for arranging standup meetings for remote teams. Many also love the Karma bot to reward each other for collaboration and Sassy to lighten up the mood.

Beyond JIRA and Confluence integrations, there are many third party tools you can connect to HipChat as well. Look for the tools your team is already using and check out the available integrations.








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