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In HipChat, how can I check the sent/read/unread/delivered status of my messages?


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In HipChat, currently, there are no such exclusive notifications available when a message is sent/delivered. A message is meant to be sent when it is moved from the typing field to the conversation area. Generally, messages are delivered instantly unless there is a problem with your network connection. If the message takes too long to deliver (~10 seconds), you will see “marching ants” icon next to the message which indicates it’s taking a while to deliver.

We do have a new solution for a better indication of sent and delivered notifications coming soon.

For read and unread messages, at the moment there isn't a setting or an indicator that allows the sender to see whether the recipient (1:1 chat) or recipients (in the case of rooms) have seen the messages. We are gathering this data internally, however, and allow the recipient of messages to know which messages in rooms they have seen and which messages were posted while they were away so they can catch up on their reading.  We are not surfacing this information to the message sender at this time.

Currently, there is no such integration or a bot that would allow you to add this functionality since the read/unread status is not yet available through the API.









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