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How can I start using HipChat? / What are the minimum requirements I need to use HipChat?


Data Center/Cloud



HipChat enables your team to work better together by making it easy to share ideas, updates, code and files in real-time, anywhere. To know key benefits of HipChat Data Center, have a glance at this blogpost. Before installing HipChat on your server, check that you meet the minimum system requirements. To get started with HipChat Server, refer to HipChat Data Center Deployment guide.


HipChat Cloud is easy to get started with.  Just sign up here!  HipChat is free to use with the Basic plan and the initial 30-day evaluation allows you to use the Plus plan free. To keep the video calls and screen sharing features past the evaluation period, you can keep Plus plan for only $2/user/mo. Have a look at this great getting started guide for HipChat Cloud.


Data Center & Cloud:

You can start rooms for projects, teams, and social interactions (if it is a part of your organization's culture). Add people allow them to take part in social talk. It also allows users to get familiar with the features and benefits. Install the Karma and Sassy bots as well as other integrations for added features and integrate with your current tools. HipChat is a solid way to enhance your communication even without the bots and integrations - those just add another layer of huge benefit and visibility for your team.


Here are additional details that provide insight information about HipChat.

  • For HipChat Data Center documentation, Click here.
  • For HipChat related FAQ’s, Click here.
  • To know more about HipChat, refer HipChat blogs published on our website
  • Check out the available integrations to find the best fit for HipChat in your organization.






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