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Can I compare features between HipChat Basic(Cloud), HipChat Plus (Cloud), and HipChat Data Center?


Data Center/Cloud


For a feature comparison between Basic (cloud), Plus (cloud), and Server you can refer to the following (for the most often asked about features):

機能 Hipchat HipChat Plus HipChat Data Center
Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android apps  (tick)  (tick)  (tick)
Guest Access  (tick)  (tick) (tick)
Unlimited Integrations  (tick)  (tick) (tick)
1 to 1 Voice Calling 1 to 1 Video Calling 1 to 1 Screen Sharing    (tick) (tick)
Data retention flexibility    (tick) (tick) (plus)
User management w/Google Apps  (tick)  (tick)  
Turn on/off 1-1 messaging     (tick)
LDAP/AD Integration     (tick)
Host in your own data center (behind firewall)     (tick)
File storage  5GB 無制限 無制限
Searchable message history  25,000 無制限 無制限


Note that HipChat Basic and Plus would be hosted on Atlassian Server (aka Cloud). HipChat Data Center is hosted on your own infrastructure/servers. You may choose to go with HipChat Data Center license but outsource your server hosting to a 3rd party (Amazon, Atlassian Expert partners, or other). Atlassian may not host Data Center licensed products in our Cloud.

As mentioned in the feature comparison above, at the moment you can turn off 1-1 messaging only with our Data Center offering. HipChat Data Center also allows you to configure your own security based on your needs such as to define ports, decide whether to install behind a firewall, and the use of LDAP/AD for user management. Firewall or IP access restriction are not available in the Cloud.

With HipChat Cloud, you'll have access to client-side logs. HipChat Data Center gives you full access to all data logs since the data is hosted on servers you have direct access to.


In terms of history retention controls the comparison between HipChat Basic, Plus, and Data Center is the following:

HipChat allows you to save the entire history of all conversations or limit it by time.  HipChat Basic (Cloud) does not provide retention policy feature and offers history for up to 25,000 last messages without the ability to change this.

History retention controls setting for HipChat Plus and HipChat Data Center are available both, globally and per room with the following options:

HipChat Plus (Cloud)

HipChat Data Center

  • Keep all history
  • Keep none (up to 75 per sessions but once logged out/in no history is shown)
  • Keep up to last 75 messages
  • By age: Last days 7, 14, or 30 days

  • Keep all history
  • Keep none (up to 75 per sessions but once logged out/in no history is shown)
  • By age: From 7 to 365 days


 Documentation, pricing and licensing information:

Full technical documentation for HipChat Cloud and HipChat Data Center can be found in our tech docs.

HipChat is free to use with the Basic (cloud) plan and the initial 30-day evaluation allows you to use the Plus (cloud) plan free. To keep all features of the Plus plan past the initial 300day period, simply enter payment information in the product. The cost is $2/user/mo.

HipChat Data Center is free to try for 30-day (with up to 2 *30-day extensions for a total of 90 days) with unlimited users. HipChat Data Center pricing and full licensing FAQs can be found here.

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