Bitbucket: TFS から Bitbucket への移行


How can I migrate a TFS branch to Bitbucket (Git) repository?

How to migrate from TFS to Bitbucket? 

How to migrate from TFVC to Bitbucket? 


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It is possible to migrate TFS to Git with your history. We do not publish guides specific to this, but there seem to be a lot published by third parties, such as Visual Studio's page on Migrating from TFVC to Git.
There is also a thread on this topic on our Atlassian Community. Once you've migrated from TFS to Git, you will easily be able to import your Git repositories into Bitbucket Server. Lots of our customers already perform successfully this migration. 

If you need assistance with the migration from TFS, or have any specific questions about the process, our Atlassian Solutions Partners will be able to assist you more specifically. 

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