Bitbucket: Cloud と Server の比較


Understand the main differences between Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server


サーバー版 / クラウド版 


Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server are similar products, both of which provide Git repository management abilities. The distinctions here lie in a couple of different areas:

Bitbucket Cloud is geared towards teams who want to get started quickly and do not need to worry about infrastructure and application maintenance. For teams who are not ready to invest in extra hardware upfront, Bitbucket Cloud is the default choice.

Bitbucket Server is for teams who are looking for more customisation and control. Bitbucket Server is installed in-house giving you the ability to control OS, database, etc. This distinction also allows users to integrate with internal LDAP systems and create custom layers of security around their source. For teams that need to keep their source code in-house, Bitbucket Server is the default choice.

For more information, see our Feature Comparison matrix.





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