Bitbucket: Bitbucket Server と Bitbucket Data Center の比較


How does Bitbucket Server differ from Bitbucket Data Center?


Server/Data Center


Bitbucket Server is a single instance of Bitbucket running on a single machine. It can only handle as much load as a single machine is capable of handling before performance degrades. If the machine goes down for any reason (for example, hardware failure, network fault, or planned maintenance), then Bitbucket Server is unavailable to users for the downtime. 

Bitbucket Data Center looks like a single instance of Bitbucket Server to users, but under the hood, it consists of a cluster of multiple machines ("cluster nodes") each running the Bitbucket Server web application, behind a load balancer. This provides important benefits over Bitbucket Server:

  • 大規模なパフォーマンス: Bitbucket Server を実行している多数のマシンのクラスタによって、単一マシンの場合よりも多くの負荷を処理することができます。
  • 高可用性: 1 つのクラスタ ノードがダウンした場合、ユーザーが可用性の低下をほとんど、またはまったく意識することがないように、残りのクラスタ ノードがリクエストのサービスを引き続き提供します。 
  • Smart mirroring: Smart mirrors can improve Git clone speeds and configuration for distributed teams.
  • Data Center MigrationData Center Migration is a tool for admins to allow consolidation of multiple Bitbucket instances, or move from a server to a Data Center instance. Git data can be imported or exported into Bitbucket Data Center from another Bitbucket Server or Data Center deployment, along with pull requests, comments and attachment history.
  • SAML 2.0 support: This feature enables you to implement SSO through an IdP for your users



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