Data Center 製品: Data Center デプロイメントでの共有 ファイル システムの推奨について教えてください。


What are your recommendations for the shared file system in a Data Center deployment? 




We don't have documented requirements for having a shared file system, apart from knowing that you must move the shared file system outside the home file when using Data Center. An alternative to NFS would be SAN, but unfortunately, it's not documented because it's more a question of what your organization has to utilize.

Below is what we do have documented about Data Centers shared file system:

Essentially, you need to set up a shared home directory that is writable by the JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence or Bitbucket instance and any future nodes. There are multiple ways to do this, but the simplest is to use an NFS share. The mechanics of setting one is unique from installation to installation and is outside the scope of this document. We assume the final mount point for this shared storage location is /data/jira/sharedhome. Ensure other potential nodes can read and write that directory and copy the following directories into /data/jira/sharedhome: (some of them may be empty):

  • データ
  • プラグイン
  • ロゴ
  • インポート
  • エクスポート

If you'd like assistance for best practices on a shared file system with Data Center, we do have an extensive network of Atlassian Experts. Experts not only resell our products but specialize in migrations from other systems, custom development, integrations, and hands-on configuration of our tools to fit your specific requirements. Feel free to browse our Expert directory if you'd like to continue with this choice, or we'd be happy to provide a direct recommendation.






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