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How Customizations Are Made

Many of the sites below use a custom theme to adapt the default look and feel of Confluence. Custom themes are available via several third-party apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. Additionally, if you're using Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center, you also have the option of developing your own unique theme.

  • For Confluence Cloud you can use the Refined Spaces app.
  • For Confluence Data Center there are several theme-related apps available - see the full list here.
  • For Confluence Server there are several theme-related apps available - see the full list here.


Brikit (formerly known as Stepstone Technologies) provides business strategy-driven solutions to clients ranging from high-tech startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Dark Omen Reborn

Dark Omen REBORN is a wiki for documentation, used in the development of Warhammer: Dark Omen's replication.


Atlassian Solutions Partner: Process consulting, implementations, and optimizations - as stand-alone projects, or a fully integrated ecosystem of services. Uses Brikit Theme Press add-on.

Reel Studios Demonstration Wiki

Reel Studios are experts in theming to improve the user interface and design of Confluence, and yet maintain its great functionality. This is a site dedicated to demonstrating how awesome your
Confluence look and feel can be with our theme.

Powered by Refined - Structure and Theme Confluence 

RefinedWiki Documentation

Site used for all technical documentation for Refined - Structure and Theme, as well as forum to ask support questions. 

Powered by Refined - Structure and Theme Confluence


Community site for Tasmanian mountain sports.

Chico State University

Information about Chico State University's online academic learning system.


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