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Site Industry 目的 説明 Image/Screenshot
Adobe Flex Builder Wiki and Learning Center Technology: Software Technical writing / documentation Educational information on the Adobe Flex application, built on Confluence with custom plugin development.
Beanlet Technology: Software Open Source Project Open source project. Beanlet - JSE Application Container

BeJUG Technology: Software A user group website

Web presence for the Belgium Java User Group that aims to inform members about the Java ecosystem, organize sessions that allow members to socialize, learn and inspire. As a result they build a vibrant and independent Java community in Belgium.

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Biological Visualization Interest Group - NIH Government: Health   The main objective of the NIH Biological Visualization Interest Group is to share information and resources for creating animations and building interactive applications.

Technology: Software

Commercial Website Brikit (formerly known as Stepstone Technologies) provides business strategy-driven solutions to clients ranging from high-tech startups to Fortune 500 corporations.
Brown University Wiki Service 教育 Higher Education - University Brown's wiki allows students and faculty to create wiki spaces for classes and academic projects. Some spaces are public to browse; others require login to browse and edit.
Cacheonix Technology: software Documentation and Support Knowledge Base

Cacheonix is an open source clustered cache and distributed data management framework for Java that allows its users to scale Java applications in a cluster while preserving the simplicity of design and coding in a single Java VM. Technology: Software Careers website and open jobs listings Directi ( is a $300+ million group of Businesses, that develops innovative mass-market Web Products for millions of Customers worldwide. Directi uses Confluence to power
CA Technologies

Technology: Software

テクニカル ライティング CA Technologies Product Documentation
Cornell University 教育    
Electric Cloud Technology: Software Thought leadership A comprehensive online resource on the topic of Release Management. The Confluence site is the result of a large research effort and collects thousands of expert opinions, how to guides, case studies and examples across 141 sub-topics of Release Management.
Embark Energy

Information collaboration

The Embark wiki allows simple collaboration of information on best-practice toolkit, offering information and advice on a wide range of community-owned renewable energy issues. Embark works to eliminate the barriers holding back the growth of a powerful, community renewable energy sector in Australia. Uses Brikit Theme Press add-on.
Exalate Technology: Software 製品ドキュメント  
Fort Lewis College 教育 University Policy Site Fort Lewis College uses Confluence + Brikit Theme Press
Dark Omen Reborn Technology : Game Development Open Source Project Dark Omen REBORN is a wiki for documentation, used in the development of Warhammer: Dark Omen's replication.
DuraSpace Technology: Software Open Source Project DSpace is an open source software package that provides the tools for management of digital assets, and is commonly used as the basis for an institutional repository.
GigaSpaces XAP 6.6 Documentation Technology: Software Technical Documentation Gigaspace wiki
Internet2 Wiki 科学技術 Project(s) Collaboration Wiki Internet2 is an exceptional community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies.
Jasig   Open Source Project This wiki is a collaborative tool for developing and sharing documentation, designs, and other artifacts benefiting the Higher Education information technology community Technology: Software Open Source Project

This is the home for the open-source project IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition - the leading Java and Groovy IDE built on the IntelliJ Platform.

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JFrog Technology: Software Open Source Project JFrog Ltd. delivers solutions for streamlining the process of managing software modules (artifacts) in modern development environments.
OpenCloud Rhino Documentation Technology: Software Technical Documentation

OpenCloud, formed in 2000 is a privately funded company. It provides the telecommunications industry with a real-time Application Server for agile development, deployment and efficient management of person-to-person communications services across current and next generation network technology.

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Pentaho   Open Source Project  

Running older version of Confluence 3.3.3

Praecipio Technology: Software Commercial Website Atlassian Expert Partner: Process consulting, implementations, and optimizations—as stand- alone projects, or a fully integrated ecosystem of services. Uses Brikit Theme Press add-on.
RefinedWiki Demonstration Wiki Technology: Software RefinedTheme Demonstration Page RefinedWiki are experts in theming Confluence to improve the
user interface and design of Confluence and yet maintain its great
functionality. This is a site dedicated to demonstrating how awesome your
Confluence look and feel can be with our theme.

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RefinedWiki Documentation Technology: Software Technical documentation Site used for all technical documentation of our products as
well as forum to ask support questions.

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Solid Angle Documentation and Support Film and special effects Technical documentation and support. A home for support and documentation for Solid Angle's
products including Arnold, used in over 300 film studios to produce visual

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thesarvo Travel, Sports, and Recreation Community Website Community site for Tasmanian mountain sports.
Toxipedia Health Community Knowledge Base

Toxipedia provides comprehensive, accurate, and scientifically based information on the hazards and risks of chemical and physical agents, with the goal of advancing human and environmental health.

Powered by Confluence and Brikit Zen Foundation.

University of Michigan Medical School 教育 Knowledge Base The Solutions Center provides consultation, user, and technical services in support of the faculty, staff, and students of the Medical School.
University of Sunderland (United Kingdom) 教育 Higher Education collaboration home for current staff and students

A single destination for current staff and students to access
relevant up to date information. A collaborative workspace for the
different parties involved (individuals, departments) to document

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University of Wisconsin 教育 University is the DoIT wiki used for DoIT projects and teams
Vista Knowledge Base 教育 Knowledge Base Information on the Vista online academic learning system
WSO2 Business and Technology Open Source Project Example of embedding Confluence in a page
World Web Forum ビジネス Business Conference The leading Swiss business conference dedicated to Digital Transformation & Leadership. The theme is made possible by Brikit Theme Press (Brikit - makers of Zen Foundation). Business, Agile/Lean Consulting Company Presentation + Collaboration space with customers Zuara shapes effective collaboration in agile and lean contexts by bridging team work with the appropriate Atlassian tools. The theme is made with Brikit Theme Press.


How Customisations Are Made

  • Many of the sites above use a custom theme to adapt the default look and feel. Instructions are available to help you develop your own unique theme.
  • You can find out which macro was used to add a particular feature by visiting the 'View Source' link for a page. Depending on the site theme, this link may be under the 'Tools' drop-down menu or 'Page Information' tab. You can also access the source manually under the URL of plugins/viewsource/viewpagesrc.action?pageId=1234356 where 123456 is the page ID.




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