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What are the several options to customize the look and feel (theme) of Confluence?





With Confluence Server, you have several of alternatives for customizing the look and feel.  We have outlined all of your options for theming Confluence here.

Look and feel of Confluence can be customized at both the site(global) and space levels. You can either style Confluence manually by editing CSS style sheets or install plug-ins. For editing particular space’s CSS style sheets, you'll need knowledge of CSS and need to apply the changes manually each time you upgrade Confluence application version or migrate servers.

For Server, here are few suggestions for plugins that include either pre-built space themes or ability to completely change the look of Confluence to a custom theme that can be installed via the universal plugin manager (UPM). Some of the most popular are:

All of the above are commercial add-ons and when installed via the universal plugin manager (UPM) will include a 30-day trial period. You can install add-ons by downloading them directly from the Marketplace or by navigating to the 'Install' tab of the add-on manager, then searching for the plugin by name. You'll be presented with the add-on's info and a download link from there. For more detailed instructions, see our Installing add-ons documentation.

You can also contact the plugin vendors with questions about their functionality or inquire about implementation services. In any case, Atlassian Expert partners can always help implement plugins and theming. You can browse the linked directory or we can provide direct partner recommendation if your location and implementation size (number of users you'd expect to license initially and longer term) are provided.

We also have a list of companies who have customized Confluence to meet their needs. You can view their websites here. Many of these sites make use of third-party Confluence plugins such as the ones mentioned above to alter layout and appearance. For Confluence Server, you can modify the source code itself to change the appearance or to add/remove functionality.


With Confluence Cloud, the theming add-ons are a bit more limited but there are couple that are used frequently:

Also see restricted functions in Confluence Cloud for limitations on use of CSS and HTML.


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