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How can I publish spaces and pages from Server to Cloud in Confluence on regular cadence (weekly)?




Publishing and managing weekly uploads from Server to Cloud is possible, but little hard to maintain as you need to continuously update your Server version to keep up with frequent Cloud releases in order to make your data imports compatible. In some cases, when Cloud releases get ahead far enough and the latest version of Server is not compatible, we offer the Cloud version for Server that is intended only for data migration and we do not support that version in production. Meaning, you need to publish from production Server to the Cloud version for Server and only then to your Cloud deployment.

There are couple of alternatives which might work for this scenario:

  1. Configure permissions so one of your spaces is publicly accessible.  Then, publish desired pages to this 'public' space. 

Note: This might not work if your Confluence on Server is installed behind a firewall. In such case, try considering alternative 2.

      2. Set up a second server install and use the Comala Remote Publishing add-on to publish your space 'automatically' to your secondary instance






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