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How do I manage documents with Confluence and Jira together?




Confluence is a team collaboration software. Team members can create, share, and collaborate on content.  For example, to manage a contract you can store the ‘contracts’ themselves as a Confluence page. You and your colleagues can also leave feedback with inline comments on any Confluence page. 

Jira is "the workflow engine". Meaning, Jira is great at holding items that represent specific tasks or 'objects' and can track the status of the task. In this example the contract lifecycle. Jira can support custom fields where you can define dates to remind your team of due dates or expiration of the contract.

The power comes from Jira and Confluence integrated together. You can link a page (the contract from this example) and the Jira item together. Then Jira becomes your reporting tool on the number of contracts in progress or completed, region, due date, reminders, etc.  You can even create a dashboard to report on all your contract statuses cumulatively such as percent completed or in the review.

In summary, Confluence acts as your document collaboration and repository as it keeps full tracking of what changed in each document, when, and by whom to keep an 'audit' trail. Jira is your status tracker to understand the level of completion for each document.

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