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How do I import my content into Confluence Server?




To import your data into Confluence, you can use one or combination of the alternatives documented in Import Content Into Confluence tech doc or import content from a text file.

Depending on the size of the data you need to migrate, you may consider engaging with an Atlassian Expert partner who can help you with data migration. These certified partners can help you develop a content strategy or provide hands-on support with your data import. Feel free to browse our Expert directory for contacting an expert.

Alternatively, the Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) is an excellent free tool for importing existing content into Confluence. But, Atlassian no longer supports the UWC, which means no support is provided from migrating your content. Please note, the plugin is only available for Confluence server 4.0-4.3.7. To use the UWC for importing to the latest version of Confluence, try setting up a compatible Confluence version such as 4.0 (download from the archives), import your content using the UWC, and then upgrade your Confluence to a current version.

Additional Information

  • Post in our community forum Atlassian Answers - here you can connect with other Confluence customers who have performed similar imports.
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