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How to use Confluence for Technical Documentation / Knowledge Base




Confluence would be a perfect solution to use as a Knowledge Base / Knowledge Mangement System (KMS). 

In Confluence, you will be able to centralize all your documentation in one place and grant access to users only to what they need, thanks to granular permissions. You'll be able to display all sort of content thanks to the rich text editor, the macros and the attachments, and you'll be able to organize this content easily. Content management is also made easy thanks to the use of labels.

Many organizations chose to map their existing organization's structure to various Global spaces (e.g. Marketing, Sales, HR, etc). Additionally, you may also choose to organize your Confluence instance by products or projects. Or even a mix of these. Here are some resources on the kind of structure you can use within Confluence to organize your department pages:

  • Spaces: This Confluence 101 document outlines different ways you can organize your content in spaces and how they work, especially in relation to the hierarchy of pages and the ability to create child pages
  • Pages: The documents that you're wanting to manage could be created as pages in Confluence that have the ability to live in spaces, published as blogs by an individual or within a space, be collaborated on at the same time, and be linked to child pages or other related pages
  • Templates: Confluence offers global and space page templates out-of-the-box that can help when creating content, and these are completely customizable based on your type of document (whether it's knowledge, troubleshooting, meeting notes, business or product requirements, etc. ) for each group or application to help content creation be uniform and speedy

For your convenience, we have documented in detail:

In addition to this, you can browse a couple of demos on our YouTube channel to get an overview of the different Confluence's features.

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