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Where can I get a demo on Confluence?




At Atlassian, we embrace a slightly a-typical sales model, and we do not staff a dedicated sales or account services team who would usually provide tailored demos.

In an attempt to meet everyone's needs, we have a short Youtube Video to give you an overview of Confluence so you and your team can easily see how Confluence could fit your needs.  A longer, more feature comprehensive video, is available here. You can also have a look at this YouTube playlist to get more into details about Confluence to help you decide which Confluence features could be useful for your use-case.

We are currently working on a sample Confluence site for showcasing purposes which could give you an overview of what you can do with your personal Confluence instance. Bear in mind that this is still work in progress, so you won't find the full capabilities of Confluence as a product, but please, feel welcome to share your feedback on this sample Confluence site and give us insights on which features you'd like to see on it. 

We also offer a free evaluation of Confluence - sign up for cloud or you can download our server version (on-prem installation). Evaluation licenses provide you with no limitations on functionality so that you may fully evaluate the product. To help you get started, we've published Confluence 101 guides, for Server installations here and for Cloud subscriptions here, to walk you through the initial configuration.

There is a large global network of Atlassian Solution Partners who can provide demos and also help you with several other services like the setup, tailored training, building POCs, configuring our tools to fit your specific requirements and use case. To find experts to help you with Confluence demo, go to our Partner directory and Click the Search Partners button. You can also filter the search results based on your location and needs. 

Additional Information

Here are additional details that provide insight information about Confluence.

For information on Confluence and JIRA integration :

Technical documentation of JIRA is available at:


Note: Though there might be several product changes since the articles have been published, the general concepts are still applicable.




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