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How can I reuse content in Confluence so that I can write/edit it once but publish in multiple areas?  Example:

Page #1
• Content A >>> highlighted
• Content B
• Content C

Page #2
• Content D
• Content E
• Content F >>> highlighted

Page #3
• Content G
• Content H >>> highlighted
• Content I

Page #4 (consolidated overview reusing content from pages 1, 2, and 3)
• Content A
• Content F
• Content H 


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Use the Excerpt Macro on your pages to define content for re-use (from an example on pages #1-3). Then, use Excerpt Include on the page you want to display the same content again on a new page (from example page #4).   This allows you to write content once and displays it on as many other pages as you need to.  This works great for repetitive content like product manuals, product descriptions, or even RFI responses that have multiple versions of the same content with slight differences.

Defining an excerpt allows you to enrich your content such as using the Blog Posts macro.  There are many other useful macros that help you to expand the abilities of Confluence and make use of dynamic content.  



  • 抜粋は 1 ページにつき 1 つのみ定義できます。つまり、抜粋マクロはページに 1 回のみ追加できます。
  • To define more than one excerpt on a page, have a look at Multi Excerpt plugin.
  • You can also hyperlink text and images in Confluence. 



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