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Archive a Confluence Space:

You can archive Confluence spaces by following this procedure: 

  • Open the Overview of the space
  • スペースの詳細の編集を選択します。
  • Select Archived in the Status drop-down menu
  • 保存 をクリックします。

Archiving a space is useful when you have content that's no longer relevant, but you still want the option of accessing at a later date. Archived spaces are less visible, but still available on your site. Archiving a space is easy to undo — you can make a space current again at any time.

The process of archiving a space can be viewed in more detail in the resources below:

Archive Confluence pages:

If you wish to archive select pages within a space, you can do so through page restrictions.

For example, at the top of the page tree, create a parent page called "Archived" and through page restrictions restrict the page to be viewable only by you (or any other users that need access to archived pages).

You can now move the pages you want to archive under the newly created "Archived" parent page. Pages you move under the "Archived" parent page will inherit any restrictions you've set.  

You can easily move a page(s) from under the "Archived" parent page and it will become visible to everyone else again that has appropriate permissions to view pages within the space where the "Archived" parent page lives.  


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