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How can I add user macros and mentions to a Confluence page?




To add macros to a page, use shortcut “{“’ and start typing a name of the macro you want. This may be more advanced if you are not yet familiar with the available macros so you can also use the "+" icon in the editor's interface and add macros from a list.

For mentions, you can also start from the "+" icon or can also use the shortcut "@" then start typing the name of the user you want to mention.

Users are saved in user management as soon as they are invited, even before they first logged in.  Right after inviting any user you can start adding user profile and profile picture macros to a page and also start mentioning the users on a page.

The user's 'mention' name will be their email address until the user logs in and completes their profile. For example, if you invite, the user will be available as 'jsmith' in the macros and mentions. After logging in and completing their profile as Jane Smith, you will be able to search this user by Jane or Smith within any user parameter in any macro.


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