Can I evaluate a product without charge before purchasing it?



Can I evaluate a product without charge before purchasing it?


サーバー版 / クラウド版


Server products - You can evaluate a product for 30 days (can extend up to a maximum of 90 days) before buying, allowing you to see and use Atlassian software before you continue with a purchase. Atlassian provides a fully functional server version of each Atlassian product for evaluation. What you'll be using during your evaluation is what you'll be getting when you buy.

To create an evaluation license key, or extend your evaluation, simply log in to My Atlassian. Then, click 'New Evaluation License' and follow the instructions to associate your Server ID. It creates a new evaluation license that you need to enter your server product.

All installed evaluations include access to our technical support resources. Evaluation keys are for the highest user tier available and are compatible across stand-alone product/add-on user tiers and license types.


Atlassian Cloud - Atlassian offers fully functional evaluations of our Cloud products for 7 days (you can extend to a maximum of 21 days upon request). When your evaluation expires, you can continue using Atlassian Cloud by adding a credit card from your My Atlassian account.

Although Atlassian Cloud evaluations include access to Technical Support, make a note that we do not provide data backups for Evaluations, only for monthly and annual subscribers.

Atlassian does not offer extensions of Atlassian Cloud evaluations, however, we offer full refunds during the first month of paid service following the end of the evaluation, should you decide Atlassian Cloud isn't for you.  After the first paid month, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

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