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How-to articlefree you up to focus on high-priority work by empowering customers and internal clients to help themselves. As you work through your support backlog, write how-to articles to answer common questions and requests, then share them with customers as needed.

Use the Confluence how-to article template to guide customers through simple tasks, like setting up a new computer or updating their tax elections. Include step-by-step instructions for completing the task and add labels to identify related articles. The content by label and page properties macros in the template will automatically display articles and issues with the labels you select.

To create a how-to article:

  1. Tap  on the sidebar.
  2. Select How-to article, then tap Next.
  3. Tap Create and add your content.
  4. Tap Publish.

Once you save your page, Confluence will create an index of pages created with the how-to article template and add it to your sidebar:

How to use how-to articles

Customer support

Use how-to articles to create step-by-step instructions that customers can follow to accomplish important tasks or achieve specific outcomes on their own. Share them with customers whenever you get a related question or request.

Human resources

Create easy-to-follow guides to help your organization's employees choose their benefits, request PTO, and use HR systems, then share your guides with new hires to help them get set up quickly.

Legal compliance

Document policies and required procedures for storing and working with sensitive information, or create training manuals for managers to help onboard new hires.


How-to articles are created from a blueprint template, which means they come bundled with Confluence and are available across your whole site. Blueprint templates can be customized for each space, and the site admin can even change the default blueprint template for your whole site. To learn more about customizing blueprint templates or creating your own templates, see Blueprints and User Created Templates.

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