Unable to Log in to Atlassian Cloud Instance


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Failed to log in to Atlassian Cloud instances (JIRA Cloud, Confluence Cloud or Bamboo Cloud).


There could be multiple reasons, follow the items below that explains your condition:

  1. Is the instance newly subscribed?

    Do not use your Atlassian account (which you use to log in to https://my.atlassian.com) to log into your instance. 

    Use the Admin Username and Password you defined during your subscription, as per the registration form below.

  2. Forgot your username or password?

    • Click on the Unable to access your account? link on the login page.

    • You can enter your email address of the account to retrieve your username.

    • If you have forgotten your password, a mail will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

  3. Continuous CAPTCHA request during login or consistently being logged out.

    • Check whether you have updated your password recently e.g. there is Remote API client still attempting to login using the expired password.

    • For randomly logged out event, jump to Getting randomly logged out of Cloud.

  4. Able to login but no information is shown after logged in, the Log In is shown on the dashboard instead of the profile picture. See below:

    • Request administrators of the site-admin group to verify the affected user has been granted the application access.
    • Confirm the user group association belongs to the JIRA User Global Permission.


If you see this error message below it indicates:

Username or account does not exist. Check for misspelled username. 

Wrong password has been supplied. Verify the password is correct.

Support Request

If all else fails, contact Atlassian Support with the following information:

  • Username of the affected users.
  • Does this affect all users or only a single user?
  • Does this affect all browser types or a particular browser?
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